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School Council

The school council plays a vital role in allowing the children of the school to express their opinions and views whilst increasing pupil voice through the production of a school newsletter.
To promote responsibility and effective peer communication, our school council run a friendship stop on the Infant Playground for any KS1 children who feel in the need of someone to talk to.
Members of the school council are also given the opportunity to run their own activities during the RRR day that is held each year.
Last year, the members of the school council liaised with designers of the adventure playground, chose the apparatus they liked and had their photograph featured in ‘The News’.

Do you know who your Class rep is on the School Council? If not make sure you find out! You can speak to them about any issues in school and they can discuss these when the School Council meets!

The School Council has a £100 budget each year and they vote on how best to spend it to improve the school for all of the children!

Mrs Bramall is the teacher responsible for organising and chairing meetings.

School Councillors 2017-18