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The Virtual Choir has arrived! Well done to all those who sent in their videos. If you would still like to be included let me have your video so I can add it to the choir.

Singing All Over The World

The second Virtual Choir video by Castle Primary School this time featuring some of our Junior Choir. "Singing All Over The World" by Craig Hawes is one of o...

Virtual Junior Choir


So that we can still share our love of singing and performing together it is my intention to create a Virtual Choir so that you can record yourself at home and send in the video to add to our Choir. If you've never seen a Virtual Choir before then have a look at our Year 2 Virtual Choir performing A Cat Sat On A Mat.

A Cat Sat On A Mat


We are going to record Singing All Over The World as it has been one of our most popular songs and the lyrics are very appropriate for the current situation.


This is what you need to do...


Here are the words and 2 versions of the song.

The one which says with singers has a choir singing the words which you can use to practise.


Once you are ready to record you need to do the following.


  1. You will need to play the backing track on one device (eg. A laptop or tablet) and listen to the track with headphones.
  2. Get someone to video you singing the song along to the track on another device such as a mobile phone. It is important that we just hear your voice and not the backing track as well on the recording. Make sure you have the phone orientation in portrait NOT landscape.
  3. When you get to the section of the song that splits into 2 parts sing the descant if that is what you normally do and the tune if that is your normal part (if in doubt sing the tune). 
  4. Send the video by email to or click the following link to Dropbox and upload it to the folder


If you would like a demonstration of what to do here is a video showing each of these steps.


Mr Jsmiley

Junior Virtual Choir instructions

Still image for this video

Singing All Over The World (with singers).mp3

Singing All Over The World (backing).mp3