Primary School

Aim High

Year 1

Hello 1M and 1O!

We're having a great year so far! We are having fun and becoming more independent learners...

Moving on to Year 1!

In order to have a fun, happy and successful year, there are three special rules we follow in school:


We also use the Seesaw platform/app to communicate key information and announcements in a safe, secure and private environment. Staff and parents can upload photos and comments and we will also add home learning suggestions to your child's portfolio so please check this on a regular basis. 


We have PE sessions twice a week (sometimes with an external coach) but the days may change each half term so we will make sure you are aware in advance. 



As part of the 'Little Wandle' phonics scheme, your child will read in a small group with an adult x3 times per week (usually Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning). On day 1, they focus on decoding/blending words. Day 2 looks at prosody and using expression/intonation to make their reading more interesting and come to life as well as recapping the text. Day 3 involves re-reading the text to develop confidence and fluency and focuses on comprehension ie talking about the text and answering questions to show their understanding. This book will then come home with your child on a Wednesday for them to read to you (preferably daily for a few minutes), The book must REMAIN in your child's book bag each day as they will have a least one day where they will be asked to read to an adult on a 1:1 basis. The book will be collected back in on a Monday.  


NB The children will also have key words in their bags for revision, as well as weekly information leaflets to show which phonic sounds/graphemes they are currently working on.


Your child will have the opportunity to visit the library on a Monday (1O) or Tuesday (1M) afternoon and select a book of their choice for them to share with you/for you to read to them.

We also encourage you to read/share a variety of other favourite/new texts from home, or a local library- whether it be a story, poetry/rhyming text or a non-fiction information book. Hearing reading modelled to them enables children to learn how to become successful readers eg. responding to punctuation, and can also help grow their vocabulary skills. 

Reading is fundamental and the gateway to all learning. We place a huge emphasis on 'Learning to read' and 'Reading to learn' and also on 'Reading for Pleasure' and the classrooms have a wide range of texts and genres for the children to explore and enjoy, as well as dedicated half termly 'topic' linked texts or texts written by specific authors to further develop learning and aid discussion.  



Please find a list below of useful websites to access at home (no log-in details required although you may require Flash player): contains a variety of suitable maths and English games to support and reinforce the learning we have been doing in school eg Counting Caterpillar, Part-Part-Whole, Save the Whale, plus Tell a T-Rex, The Dinosaur's Eggs and Writing Runway.

We also use and in school, particularly for foundation subjects. We will pop a note onto seesaw for anything relevant for a particular half term or topic. 

Phase 2 tricky key words song-

Phase 3 tricky key words song-  

Phase 4 tricky key words song-

Counting in 10's song- 

Counting in 2's song- 

Counting in 5's song-