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Year 1

Hello 1RB and 1M!

Remote Learning

Remote learning will be through the use of the SEESAW app. All children have their own login and activities and videos to support learning will be posted daily by teachers. Teachers will also view and respond to children's efforts!

You may find some of the resources shown on this page helpful...  


Good morning everyone.

Please check seesaw regularly as this is where we will be posting daily home learning. If you have any difficulties in accessing this, or have any other issues with technology etc, please let us know via the school office ASAP.

Many thanks,

Year One

Transition and Who's Who?

We hope you are looking forward to being in Year 1! We will look after one another and have lots of fun! These are the three special rules we follow to make sure we are making good choices:


We also use the Seesaw platform/app to communicate key information and announcements in a safe, secure and private environment. Staff and parents can upload photos and comments and we will also add home learning suggestions to your child's portfolio so please check this on a regular basis.

Spring 1-

Year 1 PE will be on Friday afternoons this half term. Skilful sports sessions will take place with an external coach outside, weather permitting, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. We recommend layers and sturdy trainers, preferably without laces if your child is unable to tie them themselves. Many thanks.



READING- Please read with your child regularly- little and often are generally best. It is also important to model reading to your child. They will be heard reading on a 1:1 basis by an adult in school at least twice per week and will have the opportunity to exchange their book if they are ready. They will have a Home reading record to enable two-way communication and this also contains a section in the middle with phonic sounds lists etc.  We will add a target list approximately each term so that you know what we are working on in school, and to provide suggestions for questioning etc at home.


KEY WORDS- We are aiming to get books out ASAP after Christmas. In the meantime, there's a 'Common exception words' bookmark (see below) which you could print and see if your child can read and spell these words. You could also try the website - Under the English section there are some fun games, such 'The Dinosaur' s Eggs High Frequency Words' and 'High frequency word bingo' Many thanks 👍 


SPELLINGS- As the year progresses, we usually set weekly spelling words. linked to the sounds your child has been practising during their phonics sessions- details to follow.


Please see below for activity ideas that you can print at home. Letter formation (taught in 'families') and number formation is fundamental and while reversals are common, correct orientation must be reinforced to avoid bad habits! We remind the children that all numerals 0-9 start at the top!


Please find a list below of useful websites to access at home (no log-in details required although you may require Flash player): This links to the phonics scheme that we follow. We begin by revising and securing phase 2 and 3 sounds. There are lots of free resources eg tricky word bingo games which children will have been familiar with in Year R, plus sentences and captions to support blending. We use this site a lot in school and the children love it! There are a variety of suitable maths and English games to support and reinforce the learning we have been doing in school eg Counting Caterpillar, Part-Part-Whole, Save the Whale, plus Tell a T-Rex, The Dinosaur's Eggs and Writing Runway.

We also use and in school, particularly for foundation subjects. We will pop a note onto seesaw for anything relevant for a particular half term or topic.  



September 2020- It would really beneficial if you could ensure that your child can consistently recognise each of the phase 3 graphemes. Once confident, they will need to recognise them without picture prompts- see below. To support/challenge your child further, you could then write words for them to blend (or ask them to spell/write them!) using the different sounds.


Phase 5 sounds

Autumn 2 fun and learning!

Autumn 1 fun and learning!