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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!





Welcome to the year 4 page. We will continue to update and add links to this page so please keep checking!

In the meantime, here are some activities you might want to try if you are stuck at home and missing us! Please do check Education City for weekly updated activities.


Þ Remember, you also have TT Rockstars to play

Þ There are Education City activities set up for English, maths, science and French. Feel free to try any of these. We will set new ones each week. 

           Þ Other maths games on  Interactive Resources and login is the same: castlepo16)

Þ There are simple science experiments on

Þ You can contact us on Seesaw and tell us what you’re up to!

Þ You could make a branching story in PowerPoint, like we started at school!

Þ You could use to create a Scratch game like Captain Miaow or the Slug Trail.


Þ Try visiting CosmicYoga on Youtube. We will post some suggested routines to try on the school website on the Year 4 class page.

Þ You might like to get rid of some energy by trying some of the Joe Wicks workouts on YouTube: 5 Minute Move—The Body Coach TV

Þ Or some of the BBC Supermovers videos:


Other ideas:

You might like to do some baking; play outside, build a den ;  Facetime / Skype a friend or family member ;  visit a virtual museum at ; have a game of hide and seek ; play or make a board game ; dance to your favourite music ; sketch an animal using ; watch a YouTube tutorial like learning to sign Makaton to George Ezra with Singing Hands UK—  ; read a book ; have a nap ; learn to juggle ; learn a language on Duolingo ; grow a seed ; write a postcard or letter to someone ; learn a poem or listen to one at ; wash your car ; make a scrap book ; make a sock puppet and do a show…..



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