Primary School

Aim High

Little Canada (Friday)


The 1400 ferry has been caught! So with a crossing time of 45 minutes, and a journey time of around 25 minutes the coach should arrive back any time after 1515.


Ferries are delayed! Hoping to get on the 1400 but return time to school may be later and closer to 1530.


Everyone slept really well last night and have had their last breakfast of the week... Activities today include: giant swing; zip wire; archery and problem solving.

We are expecting Yr6 to arrive back at school at around 15:00. Upon return, children will gather in the dining hall before being collected or attending after school club. All luggage will be taken to the dining hall . This is to ensure a safe handover in school rather than on Castle Street.

(Please be aware that this is only an estimate as sometimes there can be ferry delays and it is difficult to predict the traffic!).

We will advise parents should the estimated time of arrival change significantly.