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Aim High

Year 5 and 6 go into space! - Thu 06 Nov 2014

Last Thursday, we had an amazing insight into what it would be like to leave our atmosphere and to travel.....into space as Southampton University brought their Astrodome to the main hall!

As we squeezed our way through the tunnel to the inside of the dome, we wondered how it would look like space, but we weren't disappointed! Using a projector and mirrors, the dome really felt like we were looking at a 3D version of the universe beyond our Earth. We visited the Moon, looked at the Moon landings and saw Earth as it would appear from the Moon's surface.

There were so many amazing facts, such as how the Moon's temperature varies by hundreds of degrees depending on the area of the Moon you measure. Some craters of the Moon have never known light!

We learnt how people are currently trying to land a craft on the Moon as part of Google Xprize competition before we finally came back down to Earth and had the chance to ask some questions of Doctor Jones, who is an astrologist, such as, "are there really aliens?"

It was a fantastic morning and we'd all like to thank Southampton University and hope they will visit us again next year!